Rules & Dogz House items

Most Important Rule:  
No outdoor shoes allowed on the ice surface.  Please bring a clean pair of good gripped running shoes (with slider) or Curling shoes.

If you can't make it to a game, please call your designated skip at least 24 hours before the scheduled Saturday game and work collectivley in securing a spare.

If your team requires a spare(s), your team must have at least 2 original members to qualify for points.

Each team can shuffle their member positions as they see fit.

Spare(s) Rule - Any outside non-member cannot play the skip position.  They must play one of the front end positions and the original team members move up one position.  The skip position can only be backfilled by a corresponding member skip or members agreeing to move up to accommodate.  Member spares can only play the vacated position or lower on a team.  All spare positions must be agreed upon by both skips.  If original team members do not want to move up a position to accommodate a spare, the affected teams skip must oblige the request. 

Each game will consist of 8 ends, adhering to the ‘5 Rock Free Guard Zone' rule, no tiebreakers. Two (2) points for a win, One (1) point for a tie and zero (0) for a loss.

If you ‘Hog’ a rock during a game, you're obligated to pay a Loonie to the ‘HOG DOGZ’ jar.  If the skip does not hog a rock, but misses a called draw, he or she must also pay a Loonie to the Jar.   Keep in mind, if you 'hog' or 'skip miss-draw' multiple times, you only pay once during each game.

The total cash in the Hog Dogz Jar will be drawn to one member at the year-end awards & trophy presentation.
After the game, be sure to meet in the lounge for a 50/50 and Bottle Draw ($2/ticket).

Have Fun and Good Curling!

`© Reservoir Dogz Curling Crew.  est 1996